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School Rumble

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01 Heart-throb in a new term! / Flailing over a love letter! / A heart-pounding bicycle ride!
02 Incomprehensible test! / Inescapable lavatories! / Impossible physical exam!
03 Stare hard - Sketch! / Aim it - Arrow Message! / Teach me - Pajama Party!
04 Pigs go oink, oink ! / Cats go meow ! / Frogs, and also kappa, go quack quack quack !
05 Blazing first love! / Blazing tea party! / Blazing soft ball!
06 After-school survival! / Confession time`s arrival! / Together alone in hospital!
07 Cleaning the pool! / Chaos in the pool! / Conflict in the pool!
08 First time shopping! / First time bento! / First time broken heart! Eh!?
09 Manga Tragedy! / Onee-san Tragedy! / The Big Mr.Kappa Tragedy!
10 Please, God! / Please!, genuine animal fortune teller! / Please!!, Tenma-chan!
11 Nara! / Karasuma! / Harima!
12 At the Sea, Help! / Naked, Help! / Really, Seriously, Help!
13 The Confession of Love! / The Night of Offense and Defense! / Pii-Pyororo!
14 You`ve seen it? / Isn`t it cute? / If you please!
15 And summer / And friendship / And rockets
16 It`s the Tea Club, still... / It`s the Tea Club, but... / It`s the Tea Club, so...
17 A giraffe`s feeling in the peak of summer / A panic party in the end of summer / Summer`s gone so...
18 Karen`s Love, Day After Day / Karen`s Love, Little by Little / Karen`s Love, and So...
19 Take Your Dream of the Arts! / Take an Oath to God! / Make a Wish upon a Star!
20 It`s Not There! / This Also Isn`t There! / There`s No More Helping It!
21 Counter-attacking Hanai! / Shining Karen! / We Meet Again, Sister
22 episode 22
23 A Woman`s Fight! / A Man`s Fight! / After the Fighting...
24 Impatience, Doubt, Wandering
25 Ship! Train! Guitar!
26 Sudden Farewell