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Zoids: The New Century of Mechanical Beasts

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01 The Boy from Planet Zi
02 The Mysterious Fiona
03 Memory
04 The Protectors
05 Sleeper Trap
06 Jump! Zeke!
07 The Battle of Red River
08 The Road to the Republic
09 The Valley of the Monster
10 The Mountain of Dreams
11 The Fog at Mt. Iselina
12 The Black Organoid
13 The Battle of Chronos
14 Wake Up! Zeke!
15 Deploy the ZG!
16 New Helic City
17 The Longest Night of the Republic
18 The Defense of the City
19 Prozen's Conspiracy
20 The Resurrection Monster
21 The Charged Particle Gun
22 Farewell to a Friend
23 The Imperial Ring
24 A Voice from Afar
25 The New Liger
26 Memories of Zi
27 The Saviour
28 Run, Wolf!
29 Heroes of the Sky
30 Moonbay's Waltz
31 The Three Guards
32 The Doom Machine
33 The Battle for Survival
34 The Capital Ablaze (End of Chaotic Century)
35 The Secret Mission
36 Sniper
37 The Blue Devil
38 The Steel Bison
39 The Invisible Enemy
40 The Zoid Hunters
41 The Devil's Maze
42 Raven
43 The Emperor's Holiday
44 Assault of the Mega Monster
45 The Wings of Darkness
46 The Devil of the Sea
47 A Monster Awakens
48 The Black Lightning
49 The Distant Stars
50 Attack of the Geno Breaker
51 The Boy from the Ruins
52 Van's New Power
53 Phantom
54 G-File
55 Supersonic Battle
56 Cerberus
57 The Nightmare
58 Attack of the Winged Dragons
59 The Capital Collapses
60 The Giant Fortress
61 The Naval Battle
62 The Gravity Cannon
63 The Final Battle
64 The Ancient Memory
65 Zoid Eve
66 Endgame
67 Return to Tomorrow (End of Guardian Forces)