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Les Séries TV et les OAV
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Zettai shonen

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01 The depressed state of a strange summer
02 The Tsukiyomi Observatory and Okakababa
03 Arrival of the distinguished announcer
04 Shrine of the luminating woods
05 Weight of a promise and lightness of a dream
06 The membrane of the world becomes thin
07 The night of the third promise
08 Within the narrowness of trancession and remembrance
09 It is always the problem of priorities
10 The thought which becomes complicated in the rain
11 Run towards the rice field that look as if it is going to cry
12 Dancing in the sky where cats dance
13 Tanikawa Kisa and the unaccustomed existence
14 The two competing powers
15 Urban folklore
16 The undiscernible huge thing
17 That is a problem we cannot be involved in
18 The encounters and desperation of a seventeen-year old
19 The fish that grew wings
20 Material Fairy
21 Meaning of a good child
22 Things that were lost and things that are born
23 The light in the dark that calls out for happiness