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Hana yori dango

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01 Declaration of war!
02 The no-brand woman
03 I won't get hurt!
04 The commoner pair
05 Him, me and that guy
06 The one-night Cinderella
07 Night of love in Atami
08 Nightmare of the new semester
09 Doumyouji Tsukasa snaps!
10 The woman who left it all behind
11 Love flies high over the clouds
12 A date?! Snow in Omotesando
13 Love's swift development
14 Sakurako's hidden secret
15 Get lost!!
16 Believe in me!
17 Caught at last
18 Wanna go out with me?
19 The fluttering little bird in my heart
20 The hot night of betrayal
21 Crime & punishment of the kiss
22 Bewildering first date
23 Doumyouji Tsubaki shows up!
24 Love's storm! Banished from school!?
25 The couple's individual loves
26 The couple's sleepless night!
27 Doumyouji, off to New York!
28 Tsukushi, off to Canada!
29 The warmth of him!
30 Don't you want a friend?
31 Shock! The second red tag
32 Doumyouji...won't come?
33 Someday we'll laugh at this day
34 This girl is important to me!
35 Love's escape!?
36 The secret plan of Tsukasa's mother
37 The arranged confrontation!
38 I will train you!
39 The Evil triangle
40 Turning Point in the Romantic Tug
41 The Dawning of a New Day
42 Unexpected Double Date
43 The Wound in My Heart is Deep and Heavy
44 You're Not For Me
45 Why Don't you be Honest With Yourself?
46 Approaching Hurricane
47 Ripples from Transfer Student Shigeru's Arrival
48 Study Abroad, The Only Alternative
49 Our New Relationship
50 Shall We Finally Call It Quits?
51 Neverending