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Aventures de Gamba (Les)

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01 Out to sea, to adventure!
02 Ganba goes nuts onboard
03 Mission: Save Chûta!
04 Battered by a storm
05 What awaits on Battleship Island?
06 Fun, fun diving
07 Scary, scary black shadow
08 Bobo's first love
09 Difficult battle with the black fox
10 Seven split boards going their separate ways
11 After Toragoro the swindler!
12 A party, a fight, an uproar
13 Special training!! Operation Moo-moo
14 Attack of a pack of hunting dogs
15 Ganba kidnapped by an eagle
16 Climbing formidable Crow Peak!
17 Run, run, for the weasel is near
18 Curious, fat mice
19 Flood Beach Island sinking in darkness
20 I saw a white weasel!
21 13 eyes wet with tears
22 Friends from across the sea
23 Traitor's Fortress
24 Whispers of a white devil
25 Grotto of hell
26 The last battle: The great whirlpool